Deserving: The Secret to The Secret?

Using the law of attraction is simple: visualize yourself having what you want, and then feel as if you already have it. Easy. But there’s one part The Secret and most books and movies on this topic leave out: We need to first feel deserving of what we want.

If in our core beliefs we feel unworthy, no amount of visualization or affirmations are going to make our dreams come true. If we feel that we don’t deserve good, then we will sabotage our every effort to improve our lives. This is all done unconsciously, we don’t purposely forget an important meeting or miss a deadline, but somehow these things just happen, seemingly out of our control.

We live into whatever we feel we deserve, regardless of what we consciously want for ourselves. No one wants to live a life of frustration, but if at the core is an unconscious belief of worthlessness, then that’s what will show up in our lives. Our core beliefs serve as our life’s blueprint.

The truth is that we’re all equally deserving of love and success. If you’re having a hard time feeling deserving then ask yourself why not. Why not you? The media may exult people for their physical beauty and socio-economic status, but do any of these things truly make anyone better than others?

If you’re not living the kind of life you want, you may want to look at the core beliefs you have of yourself. Do you feel that you are worthy of abundance and love? This affects the way we allow others to treat us, our financial success, and health. We go out into the world trying to confirm that our beliefs are correct. Therefore, it’s important to have a healthy blueprint.

Feeling a true sense of self-worth is the key to making our dreams come true; it’s the gatekeeper. When you feel truly deserving of good, the world, as Kafka said, will roll in ecstasy at your feet.


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