Life Lessons I’ve Learned So Far

I recently wrote someone a message of encouragement and included a list of life lessons I learned, or as Oprah would say, what I know for sure. So here are some things I know for sure:

1. We can choose the way we feel about our lives and ourselves. How we think and feel is up to us and we can consciously change both. Feeling happy, good enough, and successful are all states of mind.

2. While we can change ourselves and our attitudes, we can’t change other people. Change only happens when people want it for themselves.

3. The past will remain the same no matter how many times we replay them in our minds. Revisiting old wounds is comforting in its painfulness, but they just lead to more pain. Focusing on what we want instead feels much better and is much more productive.

4. We need to make ourselves happy and give love to ourselves. This may sound like a cliché, but it’s around for a reason. Even if the people in our lives give us exactly what we want from them, and we have all the material things we wished for, we may still be unhappy. When a heart is sad, nothing on the outside can right it for long. But a happy heart can smile through most circumstances.

5. The quality of our lives has everything to do with how we treat ourselves. Every time we visit negative memories, we torment ourselves. Every moment spent in anger is a moment we rob from ourselves. We can alter our lives when we start seeing ourselves as worthy of respect and love.

In the end it’s all about the attitude we choose – we can either have happiness or sadness. The choice is ours.

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