Every moment is an opportunity

This week I learned that every moment of my life is an opportunity to learn and grow. Every person that crosses my path, every interaction has something to teach me; especially the challenging moments. Strong emotions are signs telling me to stop and look. Anger, fear, and irritation all point to opportunities for significant shifts in my life. Behind every fear is a doorway to happiness, and to get there I first need to walk through the fear.

It’s clear to me now that I must face what I fear most. If I don’t, they will forever shadow me everywhere I go. The very things I’ve been resisting are what have been blocking me from my success.

Okay, then. Deep breathe. My greatest fears are: asking for what I want, confrontations, being loud and boisterous, being happy, stepping into the spotlight, and showing anger or any form of displeasure with another person. I feel anxious simply writing this list. Where do all these fears coming from? They come from unconscious beliefs and the way I think. Very little, if any, has to do with the physical world. It’s all happening inside me. Despite all the anxiety in admitting my fears, this is exciting because if I change my expectations then my outer world changes, too. Alright then…I can ask for what I want and get it. I know how to confront people fairly and achieve win-win outcomes. Being loud and boisterous is welcome by everyone and it’s okay for me to be in the spotlight. I can show anger and displeasure, and have it acknowledged. Much better.

I’m also being present and mindful when a negative emotion comes up. Whenever I feel a strong emotion, I stay with it and simply feel it. Allowing emotions to pass through me dissipates them and leaves me feeling lighter. Like people, they just want to be acknowledged.

Since I’ve been conscious of this, work interactions feel easier. I feel more optimistic about my future. I still have a lot of work to do in this area. This is an exciting beginning.