Why are you astonishingly successful?

Affirmations never worked for me. I agree with them in theory: think positively, live a positive life, and your dreams will come true. I firmly believe that our thoughts create our reality. Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to behaviour, and behaviour lead to actions that drive our reality. The purpose of affirmations is to state your wish as if it’s true and repeat it to yourself until you believe it. Some advocate repeating statements like, “I’m healthy and abundant”, over and over; sometimes hundreds of times a day. Repeating a statement over and over never felt right to me. There was always a wiggling voice inside me that said, “That’s not true”.

Then, I came across an intriguing alternative to affirmations, called afformations. Instead of making a statement as if what you want is already true, you ask yourself why it’s already true. For example, “Why am I healthy and abundant?” Making the statement into a question is less threatening. It entices your unconscious and conscious mind to find supporting evidence. Also, it engages the mind to start looking for ways to make it true.

Try it. Think of something you desire, then ask yourself why you have it. Why am I happy? Why am I surrounded by loving friends? If a wiggling voice starts to raise doubts, then phrase it as if it’s about to happen, like “Why am I getting healthier and more abundant?” See what answers you come up with.

When I pose these questions to myself, positive areas of my life pop to the forefront  in support. “Why am I successful?” Because I’m constantly improving myself. I’m persistent and determined. And my creativity helps come up with novel solutions.

We rarely give ourselves credit for the successes in our lives. This is a good way to highlight them and to build on future successes. After asking myself these questions, I realized that I’m standing right next to my ideal self.


7 thoughts on “Why are you astonishingly successful?

  1. This is excellent…glad I found it! I’m an energy healer and coach, and often have clients who can’t buy into affirmations. What a great new approach you just offered me (and them) – thanks!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’ve found that affirmations coupled with the actions that will make those affirmations are powerful. The other thing is communicating with yourself in a positive, empowering way versus negative self talk has a big impact. We are our own worst critics and affirmations help overcome that tide. I really like the idea behind afformations and think that just strenghtens them to your reality.

  3. Love this! I do a similar thing in that I add the phrase “in so many ways” when I am making statements such as “I am successful in so many ways”. I then will often ramp it up by saying “I love doing such and such things that make me feel successful and I am so looking forward to finding even more ways to feel my success.” Like you, I have to “speak the truth” to my mind or it just smiles and tosses me to the curb. Wink! But another thing that I love is that as I play with finding the positive spin in the scenarios, that has become easier and easier until it is more often the norm. We have an entire lifetime to create our own personal masterpieces so there is plenty of time to grow and transform our lives into a garden of delights….. Thanks so much for your post!

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