Suffer No More – Or How My Thumbs Gave Me A Life Lesson

I’m hurting myself and I didn’t know it. I’m the one blocking my path with boulders, not anyone else – not my job, other people, or my circumstances. Now that I know this, I can change it.

I’ve had the inkling that I’m the one standing in my way, but something happened recently that illuminated it for me. Every winter my fingers get so dry they crack – especially my thumbs. Deep cracks burrow down the side of them and are extremely painful. No moisturizer can help. The only thing I can do is bandage them and wait for winter to leave. Then it suddenly occurred to me that this didn’t always happen. When I lived at home they never cracked. And I started to think about what was different from living with my parents and now? They never used liquid soap like I do. My parents preferred bar soaps. Could this be it? All this suffering and it was self-inflicted? I ran out and bought a bar of pure glycerin soap. Within a few hours my thumbs hurt less, and by the next day they started to heal. It’s been a few days and my hands look better than ever.

After all the long, agonizing winters, I was the one causing my suffering. But how is it that it never occurred to me to change the soap? It’s so obvious…now. Maybe a part of me wanted to suffer. Where we’re at emotionally will show itself in our physical world. I’m definitely happier than I was a few years ago. Back when this started, I was filled with anger and negativity. I’ve since moved on. I don’t host self-pity parties anymore, nor do I need to be in a constant state of suffering. This is why the solution suddenly popped up.

I’m convinced that the answers to our problems, whatever they may be, are hidden in our unconscious. It comes down to the question: Am I ready to let this suffering go? If we’re still identifying with the problem emotionally, then the answer is no. If we’re truly ready to move on, the answer will elegantly float to our consciousness.

I’m starting to think about where else in my life I could be hindering myself. Have I put up obstacles at work, in my relationships, money? The wonderful part of this realization is that we can remove them. In fact, we’re the only ones who can. And this is power.


One thought on “Suffer No More – Or How My Thumbs Gave Me A Life Lesson

  1. I used to get eczema on the back of my hands. Then it disappeared. Then it came back. When I looked at what changed, I saw it was the use of public bathroom soap. So I stopped using liquid soaps, and the eczema never re-appeared.

    Paying attention to what had changed was the key to figuring out what had gone wrong.

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