YOU are your own corporation. What are you selling?

I came across the idea that we are all corporations. We each have our own unique talents and gifts that are valuable to the world. Each of us has resources like: creativity, intellect, perseverance, health, determination, willfulness, intuition, and compassion. How we govern our lives affects everyone around us.

So if we’re each a corporation, what are we selling and buying? When I came across this question, I couldn’t think of anything at first. I’ve never compared myself to something as immense as a corporation. And I certainly didn’t see myself as selling or buying anything. Eventually I began to see that I do give away parts of myself in order to get something in return.

In a sense we all start off with 100% of shares in our company, ourselves, and then we sell or give them away as we create our lives. Our shares represent any part of us that we value – our time, self-respect, peace, or intellect. Without realizing it, we often give these away: co-workers who constantly want last minute help on a project, or family expectations that we cave into even when we don’t want to. As we do this, we’re also gaining something in return.

This weekend, I finally faced up to the fact that I’m always looking for approval. This was something profoundly missing from my childhood. It’s possible that the majority of what I do, wear, and say is to receive validation from the world. In doing so, I’m trading my shares away. It’s done in the form of my time, self-respect, and my uniqueness. Do I want to keep doing this? Is this making me happy? If I’m truly honest, I can see that in search of this elusive approval, I’ve given so much of myself away that my individuality is almost lost, along with my voice. There are moments where my voice literally gets stuck in my throat.

It’s a worthwhile exercise to take stock of everything that you are and see how much of it is the real you and how much is created for approval. I’m buying back my shares. The only way to do this is to stop looking outward for approval and find it within.

There’s also the question of what I’m offering to the world. Each corporation has something of value to offer. There’s my creativity, compassion, thirst for learning and bettering myself, and my perseverance. What are you offering? This is a great question to ask yourself because it makes you see that you have more talents than you probably realized. It did for me.


4 thoughts on “YOU are your own corporation. What are you selling?

  1. What you talk about here is quite important. It’s strange to recognize that many of our motivations are built around how we think others will perceive us, and that life then becomes a process of seeking approval rather than truthfully reflecting the voice of conscience. Your metaphor of a corporation is useful. Thank you.

  2. You’re welcome, James.

    It’s when we take a step back and assess the true motivations behind what we do that we realize the truth. It can be incredibly enlightening. I’ve been reflecting on this all day and I’m beginning to feel differently about myself and those around me.

  3. Yes, I believe that we all have a special gifts! this resonates with me; Thanks for sharing;

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