The Princess and the Sprite

The little princess pirouettes around the immaculate room. She giggles to herself, and spins and spins. Her pink tutu giggles and shakes with her. Sunshine laps into the room through a big, tall window that reaches all the way up to the ceiling. Her feet makes a “shhhhhwooop” sound as she floats around the furniture. Shhhhhwooop, shhhhhwooop, shhhhhwooop she goes.  Now she slides one foot out like a speed skater, pulls it back in, spins with her arms reaching to the sky, her fingers bent just so, leaving a trail of giggles behind her. With the other foot she gracefully slides it out again. And again she twists, spins, slides.

The sprites watch this from the crevices in the wall. They’re fascinated by the little girl, so absorbed in her world, impervious to being watched. Or is she? Maybe she knows of the sprites and is dancing for them? Do you think?

The sprites, so entranced by her, move forward, lean out to get a better look. They smile as they watch. Suddenly one can’t help herself, and without thinking bursts out of the wall and joins the girl. Now they’re both twisting, spinning and sliding. The other sprites are shocked, horrified, terrified, “Oh no! What if”. But the girl dances on, seemingly oblivious.

Just then, the girl stops and reaches out a delicate hand toward the still spinning sprite. The girl watches the sprite and waits. The others in the wall hold their breath. No one moves except the still dancing sprite. Eyes wide, waiting; hearts pounding.

The spinning sprite begins to notice that the girl’s stopped moving and is looking at her. She’s looking right at her! She’s shocked into stillness. She and the girl stare at each other; their breathing synchronized. They watch each other, the girl’s delicate fingers still in mid-air, waiting. The sprite doesn’t know what to do. She looks to the others, but they’re frozen too; eyes wide and frozen. She looks back at the girl, sees the fingers pointed at her, beckoning her. She’s taken by a mad urge to flee. Can she make it to the wall before being caught? And what would she do if she catches me? She mulls this over. And yet, those delicate fingers and that angelic face look so inviting, so safe. A sliver of excitement enters the sprite’s fears, splinters them and takes over.

Slowly, cautiously, the sprite flutters closer to the girl, and watches as a smile appears on the girl’s face. It’s the kind of smile that melts snow and feels like a warm fire on a cold, wintery night. After a slight nod from the girl, the sprite abandons all fear and leaps onto the tip of the girl’s finger.

They bow to each other. Slowly, they begin to glide around the room together. The sprite holds onto the girl’s finger with her nimble feet and holds her arms out wide to enjoy the feel of cool air floating around her. The girl, with her arm gracefully outstretched, leads the spite around the room in delicate pirouettes. Together they dance as one in the golden sunlight.


**It’s been a few years since I last wrote here. Every day I’m shocked by how quickly time passes. I began this blog as a place to share my spiritual growth, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, especially the comments from kind, thoughtful readers. One day I simply ran out of things to say. Looking back it was a time for me to go inward in order to continue with the next part of my journey. Like a caterpillar that liquefies in its cocoon before re-emerging in a completely new form, I too had to dismantle my previous self so that I could become the person I’m happiest with. I’m not entirely there yet, though I sure I’m on the right path because I’m much happier and stronger than I was a year ago.

One day last month, I suddenly had an urge to write a story. I’ve never done this before even though I’m a freelance copywriter. Writing stories just wasn’t something I did, and yet these felt natural and fulfilling in a way that only creativity can satisfy.  I’ve been writing steadily ever since. This story is the first one I wrote on a very chilly February day while the sun spilled into my room.  It’s one of the first stories I’ve written in my entire life.

This is different from my initial vision for this blog, and yet it’s still true to it. I chose to name this blog “Finding joy and truth”, and that’s what these stories are for me now: my joy and my truth. They reflect the new me, more confident, and ready to explore, share and be vulnerable.

I’m going to post more stories, which feels like a huge leap of faith. I hope you enjoy them.


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