Hurrah, no root canals!!!!

My heart is singing. My toes are dancing. The sun, the stars and the moon are all sparkling more than ever.

I finally went to see the endontist today because I couldn’t ignore the pain in some of my teeth anymore. I’ve been putting this off and off until I finally couldn’t. I thought, no I was convinced I’d have to get a bunch of root canals. It turns out I might just be grinding my teeth and only need a night guard!!

I was so relieved when the endontist said this to me–that kind, fabulous man. I hadn’t realized just how freaked out I was about this until I heard the glorious news.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Hurrah, no root canals!!!!

  1. That is good news! I’ve been in that position myself, and it is a tremendous relief. It’s amazing how much pain can be caused by a slight amount of tooth misalignment, as well.

  2. Thanks!!

    I was so relieved and grateful for this fantastic news that I didn’t even wait–went straight to my dentist this morning and had the mould made for my night guard. Will be getting it in a weeks’ time. Fingers tightly crossed that this will solve my dental problems!

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