Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Why didn’t anyone tell me how easy it is?

I thought self-worth had to be chiseled out of sweat, accomplishments and approval. That it was only when the world said so, then I’d be worthy. For sure it was outside of my control.

Only now I know it’s actually a choice. I choose how worthy I am. I get to choose how loved, good enough and happy I feel. It’s​ so simple. Why did I make it all so hard?

Countless hours spent trying to figure it out, trying to be good enough. For the first time I can finally relax and simply be.




2 thoughts on “Why didn’t anyone tell me?

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean–there’s knowing it intellectually and KNOWING it. For me, I didn’t really get it until I felt it, that’s when it got easy. I hope it finds its way to you too, Nicole.

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