I have control issues.

This isn’t something that I’ve thought much about or even noticed until recently. I just finished reading Michael A. Singer’s autobiography, “The Surrender Experiment”, where he chronicles an astounding life of going with the flow, of not fighting life at all. Whenever life presented him with an opportunity or a request or a Department of Justice indictment, he simply surrendered to it.

This got me thinking about how I’ve lived my life. If I’m honest, I’ve lived it with my hand firmly gripping the steering wheel, knuckles white and eyes laser focused on the road, terrified that if I let go I would go careening into the abyss.

What would happen if I let go and trusted myself?

What if I let moments happen without expecting anything from them?

What if I let people be who they are, and saw beyond their faults to see the real person standing there?

What if I let go of my expectations for myself​? This thought alone just gave me a jolt of excitement.


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