Thank you for being rude

You were rude to me more than once–I don’t know why you were like this–but thank you. I’m thankful because I take too much personally, carry way too much on my shoulders, and you’re forcing me to see with new eyes.

I’ve turned this over and over in my mind, sawed it in half trying to see if I did anything to provoke your reaction or if I’m just imagining it–the answers are no and no. “Why?” will just have to be a mini life mystery, maybe even to you.

If I don’t face this now, when you’re out of my life, it’ll come up again in another form, in another person because that’s the brilliance of life.

I didn’t want to face you today but there you were; my heart racing around my chest. It seems like the more I want to avoid you, the more you show up. It’s the Universe saying, “Deal with it!”




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