A New Chapter

It’s been a few years since I last wrote here. Each day I’m shocked by how quickly time passes. I began this blog as a place to share my spiritual growth, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, especially the comments from kind, thoughtful readers. One day I simply ran out of things to say, and took a 2 year hiatus.

Looking back, it was time for me to go inward in order to continue with the next part of my journey. Like a caterpillar that liquefies in its cocoon before re-emerging in a completely new form, in my own way I dismantled my previous self so that I could become the person I’m happiest with, most proud of. I’m not entirely there yet, though I’m on the right path because I’m much happier and stronger than I was even a year ago.

One day last month, I suddenly had an urge to write a story. I’ve never done this before despite being a freelance copywriter, and a natural storyteller when I was a child. Writing stories just wasn’t something I did, and yet these felt natural and fulfilling in a way that only creativity could satisfy. I’ve been writing steadily ever since. “The Princess and the Sprite” is the first of the stories, written on a very chilly February day while bright sunlight spilled into my room.

This is different from my initial vision for this blog, and yet it still holds true to it. I originally chose to name this blog “Finding joy and truth”, and that’s what these stories are for me now: my joy and my truth. They reflect the new me: more confident, and ready to explore, share and be vulnerable.

I’m going to post more stories, which feels like a huge leap of faith. I hope you enjoy them.

Toronto, March 2014


10 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I relate 100% to this post. ” my reality is my own creation”- no doubt about it. Looking forward to reading more posts from you,

  2. Hi Tristan,

    Me too.. thanks for dropping by my blog and reading about the royal cremation! If you’ve traveled through Asia, I wonder if you ever had a chance to witness an event of this breadth and beauty. Breathtaking… I wish you lots of joy, health, and beauty on your life’s path.
    Nice meeting you um.. virally 🙂
    Till next time,

    1. I’ve never witnessed a royal cremation before. Would love to someday. I love to travel and Asia is one of my favourites. It’s complex, deep in traditions and wonders.

      Lots of love on your path too, Amit.

  3. Hi Tristan, i get to know your blog from 43 things. I’ve been reading motivational and spiritual books to discover and look for what I really want in life and how to achieve them. Thanks for sharing your experience in finding joy and truth, I really enjoy reading your blog. Looking forward for more posts from you. =)

    1. Thank you, YL! Lovely to hear from you.

      Have the books helped you in gaining insight into what you want to do and achieve? Cheers to finding a glorious life ahead of you!


      1. Some books do help~ particularly The Power by Rhoda Byrne, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and How to Save your Own Life by Micheal Gates Gill. But sometimes i’m still struggling. Anyway, now your blog is one of my sources of gaining insight into my desire goals =)

        1. I’m honoured. Thank you!

          I’ve read The Power and its message is wonderful.

          It’s okay to struggle. It happens to me all the time. I have great days and then it feels like I take a step back. I’ve come to see everything as a learning opportunity – each moment, every struggle is there to teach us something and if you can find the lesson, then you’re on your way to transcending it.

          Lots of cheers for you on your way to your goals!


    1. Very inspiring blogger award! Thanks, I’m blushing.

      I write about what’s going on in my life – my trials and successes, and I’m always deeply touched when others relate to my posts.

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